Samantha Hogan

Hillsborough High School

 "I took this class last summer and noticed a huge improvement over a year. It is very helpful to practice with real SAT problems and have each question clearly explained."

Sarah Thomas

Somerville High School 

"SAT Smart really helped me in building up my confidence. Not only have I greatly increased my scores, but I learned skills that will help me in college."

Julia Loffredo

Montgomery High School 

"This course helped me by managing my time and knowing strategies to eliminate answers."

Gabriella Orsillo

Bridgewater Raritan H.S.  

"I found the course to be very helpful. I feel very prepared to take the SAT's, and learned many new strategies to solve the problems."

Kathryn Van Arsdale

Watchung Hills Regional High School

 "Taking these classes have made me feel more prepared and confident for my next SAT."

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SAT Test Preparation 

Isabella Lainez
Montgomery High School

​"SAT Smart has helped me feel more prepared and confident about taking the SAT. It was extremely helpful.” 

Parth Bhole

Bridgewater Raritan High School

"I would highly recommend this course as the instructors are well educated and help increase your overall scores tremendously. I truly feel well prepared after taking this course." 

Madison Vitale

Immaculata High School

 "I would really recommend this class! On the first day my English score went up 200 points. This class was very helpful for me to raise my scores."

Giselle Wong

Bridgewater Raritan High School

"SAT Smart helped me understand the mistakes I was making when taking practice tests. I found the course extremely helpful and beneficial."

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Stephanie Wickman

Hillsborough High School

 "This class helped me realize common mistakes and their corrections for the SAT."

Amanda Scarlata

Bridgewater Raritan H.S.

 "I really feel that this course helped me prepare for the test, because I am more comfortable with what is going to be on the test and how to answer the questions correctly."

Hailey Roberti 

Montgomery High School 

"This course helped me practice for the SAT and gave me more confidence in my standardized test taking skills."

Brittany DeRogatis  

Immaculata High School

 "SAT Smart greatly helped me prepare for the SAT by teaching many very effective strategies."

Vraj Thakar

Hillsborough High School

"This course helped me immensely as I learned many techniques as well as finding out how well I would do on the real SAT."


Here's what our students have to say:  

Matthew Ams
Princeton High School 

"I enjoyed the course and found it very helpful that we reviewed every test question on two full length practice tests."

Louis DiGirolamo

Hillsborough High School

 "Ms. Alaimo's years of experience of examining the SAT, and sharing the knowledge with me, has given me piece of mind knowing I am well prepared to ace the SAT and get into the college of my choice."

Kelsey Vieira
Hillsborough High School 

“Taking this course helped me learn exactly what to expect on the actual test. The instructor clearly explained all of the material.”

Chris Santa Barbara

Hillsborough High School

 "This was a very helpful course that taught me how to take the SAT with many different strategies."