Asha Patel

Hillsborough High School 

"This course has helped me greatly improve my math score, and also made me feel less nervous for the test."

Sania Kumbhare

Bridgewater-Raritan H.S. 

"This course helped me more understand what the content is on the exam and how to manage my time."

Nisha Kakwani
Hunterdon Central H.S.

"SAT Smart helped me develop strategies that are useful for when I take the SATs!"

Rahul James 
Montgomery High School 

"The strategies related directly to the questions and it was nice to see my scores improve as I learned more strategies."


Here's what our students have to say:  

Ryan Capuzzi

Montgomery High School

"The SAT Smart class has provided useful strategies, tactics, and tips to help feel more comfortable when test day comes."

Katelyn Battagliese

Hillsborough High School

 "This class has helped me prepare for the SAT's by teaching me strategies and reviewing essential concepts."

Jaclyn Salvatore

Bridgewater-Raritan H.S.

"I thought that this class benefitted me so much! I learned so many strategies and it was very helpful seeing actual questions that were on the SAT."

Shreya Rastogi

Hillsborough High School

 "This course has helped me gain insightful tips and tricks for the exam as well as brought my focus to the most important parts of the exam."

Sara Stevens 
Montgomery High School 

"This class taught me how to work through specific SAT questions. It has prepared me for what to expect and provided helpful strategies."

Gabrielle Samano 

The Hun School 

"It has helped me prepare and learn strategies for the SAT. I would recommend it to others."

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Nicole Czako

Hillsborough High School

"This course helped me feel more confident about the SATs. It helped me improve my writing and language skills and prepared me for the types of material on the exam."

Christina Tonks

Somerville High School 

"This course was helpful by giving simple strategies that only someone who is really familiar with the SAT would know."

​Lauren Smith 
Montgomery High School

​"Taking an SAT Smart course helped me to gain confidence in what would be tested, along with helping me focus on my areas of weakness."

Brooke Stauffenberg 

Immaculata High School 

"I'm confident in my skills to ace the SAT now after completing the SAT course with Mrs. Alaimo."

Jean Carlo Picado 

Immaculata High School 

"I truly enjoyed attending this course because it allowed me to better understand what is to be expected on the SAT and it helped diminish any insecurities I may have had before attending the course."

Emily Buisson  

Hillsborough High School

"This class has helped me improve on especially the reading and writing sections of the SAT by providing me with tips to make those parts easier for me to complete."

Angelica Dequina 

Immaculata High School

"SAT Smart has better prepared me on what to expect on the SAT. I feel more confident about the SATs now."

Julieta Altman

Bridgewater-Raritan H.S.

"After taking the course, I learned several strategies that greatly helped. I saw my scores improve and immediately felt more confident in my abilities."

"Ivy League Tutoring Experts Since 1995"