"SAT smart was great. I’d highly recommend getting Isabella or Caitlin as a tutor. When I first took my SAT I received a low score of 980. I was tutored by both Isabella and Caitlin over the summer where I was able to receive a 1450 on my second attempt. This was a 470 point jump and I was extremely satisfied with my score."
Malcolm Brunson

"Highly recommend SAT Smart! My son signed up for a few private tutor sessions with Susan prior to the March SAT test- it did wonders! His score improved 230 points from his previous SAT test score. Susan knows her stuff!"

Jordy Behrje

"We would highly recommend Rebecca. My son's score increased 200+ points thanks to his experience working with Rebecca. Rebecca took the time to understand the areas my son needed development. She equipped him with the skills and strategies necessary to be confident and well prepared. Rebecca was accommodating to our schedule as well which made the process much smoother."

"I highly recommend SAT Smart for both private tutoring and for their College Application Service. My daughter greatly improved her SAT scores through private, one-on-one tutoring for the SAT. We then used SAT Smart to work with her on her college applications, and were amazed at the college acceptances they were able to secure and the vast amount of scholarship money she was offered. Thanks to Susan and her team, my daughter will be pursuing her dream of earning a nursing degree at a top college with a $100,000 four-year scholarship!"

​​Kathy Negri

​"My son who is a straight A student was really struggling with the SAT's.  He had taken it three times and we could not get his score out of the 1100s.  After taking four classes with Susan he took the test again, and raised his score 200 points!!!  I cannot tell you how happy we are with SAT Smart.  He just completed his second set of classes and will take the SAT again in two weeks.  I can't wait to see those scores.   Susan and her team are wonderful and I cannot say enough good things about them.  If your child needs help with the SAT this is the class and team of teachers you want!"

"Fantastic local resource, my daughter had a 190 point jump in her score on her SAT's after this class. Instructor was knowledgeable and committed to her students. Price was very fair for services provided, highly recommend!"

Janet Timari

"My experience with SAT smart has been amazing! My tutor, Jessica, was not only qualified and a great teacher but she was also a very nice and friendly person. Unlike in school, sessions with her would fly by and two hours would be over before I know it. Jessica has significantly improved my SAT score and allowed me to become a more confident test taker. Additionally, Jessica went out of her way and helped me with applications and gave me wonderful advice. Just recently, I have even signed my twin sister up for tutoring because SAT smart’s tutoring is very effective. I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for SAT prep to give SAT smart a try."

George Ma

"My son is a B average student and didn't have a great result with his first SAT (following a 6 week Kaplan prep course). But after 6 2-hour private tutoring sessions with Rea at SAT Smart, he improved his score by 190 points. We were thrilled with the results and my son was ecstatic. We highly recommend SAT Smart."
Craig Torres

"Through the help of SAT Smart, I was able to achieve 40 points above my dream score and improve my overall score by 170 points! Nicolas was great at giving me personalized strategies and targeting my weak areas and strengthening them. Great service and hours!"
Jasneev Kaur

"Used SAT Smart tutoring for my son recently and his test scores increased by 140 points from the first test. Anyone considering a tutor for the SAT should definitely consider SAT Smart. They determined the areas that needed the most improvement and provided the tools my son needed to achieve his goals. And, the scheduling was so convenient! Thank you, SAT Smart!!!!"

Karen Silver

"I was blown away by the amount of support and help that this program has provided for me. Initially before coming here I took a practice test and ran out of time, after just the first day of class I was left with ten minutes extra on the section that I ran out of time on. The teacher is fantastic, caring, kind, and a genius! Additionally, the tips that are taught here can't be learned anywhere else and have a dramatic change on time management, and score as well! My score increased monumentally after taking into account the tips and tricks learned from this course. I cannot recommend them enough!"

Mohammad Bhatti

"Susan Alaimo and her program are incredible! My daughter and 2 friends attended a 4 week prep class and had NO nerves going in to take their first SAT test!!! They felt prepared, prepped and ready! Susan had convenient hours and locations to choose from! The college hunt is challenging, even to the most seasoned parent, but I just do NOT know where we would be without her guidance, advice and skill prep! I would HIGHLY recommend her, her team and the SAT Smart program to ANYONE and EVERYONE who needs it!! A real confidence booster! Thanks a million Susan!! Forever grateful!"

The Halle Family

"My experience with sat smart has been amazing, especially because of my tutor Jessica. She has been the most understanding and nicest teacher I have ever had. She never got frusterated with me if I didn’t understand something and always took her time teaching me the material I needed to know. Also, we went over so much material with the time that we had and I felt extra ready to take the sat. I learned so much with her and wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to tutor me."

Lauren Ciufo

"My daughter took the SAT Smart individual sessions with Susan. They met once a week for the 6 weeks prior to the SAT test date. She was very happy with the material Susan covered and felt confident. Susan's kind, matter of fact advice on how to approach the college search was also invaluable. Definitely worth the time and money!"

Michaele Tenerelli 

​"This class was extremely helpful. After taking the SAT prep class, I took the SAT's and scored 230 points higher!"

Alyssa Tammara

"SAT Smart was fantastic! Peter and Susan were very helpful and my daughters tutor, Julia, was AWESOME! It helped her score north of 1500!!"

​Joanne Neste

"I highly recommend tutoring from SAT smart. George is a fantastic tutor. He provided all the strategies for the SAT exam and concentrated on my son's weak areas during his private lessons. George came to the sessions prepared and encouraged my son to take a lot of practice tests. It helped to build his confidence and he feels well prepared to take the test."
Kamla Karakoti

"I highly recommend Susan.  She helped our daughter with the college prep process with tutoring for the SAT, as well as helping her with filling out the college applications and essays for the 7 colleges she applied to.  She kept our daughter on track and kept the stress off of my husband and I.  All of her college applications were completed by August-September of her Senior year."
Gina Babbio 

"Nic Freeman from SAT SMART was tremendous. SAT score increased significantly from PSAT.  Working 1:1 was very beneficial: my son would have found it difficult to put in a comparable number of hours studying for the SAT on his own given his other responsibilities and school demands."
Kenneth Rizzi

"Jessica was super helpful. I can definitely attest that working with her helped raise my ACT score by the two points I needed. She is very thorough in all she teaches- I was thoroughly prepared to take the AP Chemistry test. Overall, my experience was wonderful and I would recommend her to everyone. :)"

Oishi Goswami

"Jessica Yiyi is a fantastic tutor. She is professional, very flexible with setting up appointments, and excellent at identifying what concepts need to be learned. My son felt she efficiently taught him the material he needed to concentrate on. She is very effective in conveying not only subject material and concepts to review for the SAT, but is also helpful with providing strategies for test taking. Her communication and correspondence is always very quick and my son enjoyed working with her. Having an exceptional tutor, along with proper test preparation, has been very beneficial in helping to build his confidence when taking the SAT. Thank you, Jessica!"

Beth Ann 

"My daughter took the SAT Smart 12 hour course over the summer in preparation for the November SAT. She got solid first time scores in both Reading/Writing and Math. She then took a couple of private SAT Smart sessions in preparation for the December SAT and improved her overall score by 170 points. Susan was very flexible and a pleasure for my daughter to work with."
Laura Loffredo 

"Newbie was a great help! He helped me with many things I hadn't known before(especially grammatical nuances and writing) that came in handy during the PSAT's. I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for help."

Thomas Murray

"We had Alexia Martinez for math and she was absolutely fantastic.  She came to the sessions prepared, and followed up to see how he did after the test. I would highly recommend SAT Smart and Alexia."
Ariel Golubitsky 

"I would highly recommend using SAT Smart. The progress of using both private tutoring and the group class were extremely helpful to our son. He gained confidence and his score exceeded our expectations."

Tucker Erbeck 

"Jessica Li is an efficient and kind teacher. She knew the information I needed and gave me tips that really helped me. She used an effective method to get me a really good feel on what would be on what the test would be like and what subjects I was lacking on. I enjoyed learning from her and learning some of the education I received. The frequent testing and quizzing of my knowledge and going over every question I had trouble with in detail was impertinent to helping me succeed in getting a high score. Jessica is a generous, flexible, and dynamic person; learning from her was a great experience."

Alice Yang

"Isabella was extremely helpful in aiding me edit my college essays! Definitely recommend SAT Smart and Isabella to those looking for a college essay counselor!"
Melodie Wang

"The SAT review class along with the score assessment option was money well spent! My daughter bumped her scores up by over 100 points! Bravo Susan!"
Grace Burns

"Susan and her team of talented and expert instructors are a great asset to the students preparing for SAT and College admissions. Very happy to be working with them and wish their team continued success!"

Kamal Deep 

"When I started the college process, I had too many thoughts and possibilities running through my mind. SAT Smarts really helped me organize myself and narrow down what colleges were right for me. When it came to essay writing, I always got the greatest feedback on how to make my words flow smoothly and how to shorten my sentences when there was a word limit. Now, I'm about to begin my first year of college and I couldn't be more grateful for the help that I got to guide me to this school. Thank you so much!"
Natalia Vonarburg

"My experience being tutored through SAT Smart has been very helpful. Jessica has worked around my complicated schedule to help me bring up my score more than 70 points already and is working with me again to raise it more this August. I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone looking to select a tutor with SAT Smart."

Alden Mallory

"Isabella is a great math tutor. Very encouraging! She has me do more practice problems on a topic that I may need work on mastering."

Joseph Malatesta 

"Isabella has helped me tremendously!!! She is extremely flexible and I have enjoyed working with her"

Sara Bialow

"The SAT Smart class really helped prepare my daughter for her SAT exam last week and she is looking forward to taking the ACT class in May."

Lisa Scarlata

​​"I went into this class having gotten a 1380 on the SAT previously without studying. Thinking I wouldn't learn anything, I thought it was a waste of time and money. However, I couldn't possibly be more wrong. I learned much more helpful strategies than I had and felt extremely confident in my answers on the SAT I took 2 days ago. My only suggestion is to mention to students that, if they choose not to take the essay section, there's a possibility that they may have to take an experimental 5th Section, as I was one of those and got caught off-guard. Fortunately, it was easy and was the same as Section 1, so I was able to use strategies I learned for Section 1. Thank you, SAT Smart!"

Sarah M.

"My daughter had a great experience with SAT Smart. Her tutor worked with her for six weeks prior to the SAT testing date. Not only did she help with the testing material but was also great in recommending how to approach the test (eg. sleep, snacks, night before routine, etc.). After the test the tutor was kind enough to contact my daughter to see how it went and was interested in hearing the results.). I would definitely recommend SAT Smart to others."


"Susan's SAT prep course was very helpful; it focused on strategies as well as content. In addition, we used the services of one of the private math tutors: my son's score increased by nearly 100 points."

Janet Santmann

"Wonderful help! Flexible with scheduling tutoring and a tremendous help with the College Application process. Having triplets, we could not have done this process alone! Money well spent!"

Paul Tamuzza

"Susan made the college process so much easier. She helped prepare Kelsey not just for the SAT exam but also with college counseling. She was a huge help with the essay, organizing the various applications and ensuring and did a final review of all the applications to ensure everything was in top shape for submission. Thank you Susan for making the process so much easier."

Kelsey Vieira

"So glad we decided to use SAT Smart. Susan Alaimo helped our son with college counseling as well as SAT and ACT prep. He did much better on both tests after using SAT Smart. Susan made the whole college process less stressful for both our son and us! Thank you!"

Lisa Vigod

"SAT Smart provides a suite of services to assist your child in the college application process at a reasonable price, from test prep to essay writing to preparing and filing applications. She eliminated our stress and had all of our child's applications in before senior year started. We are using Susan and her team for our next child!"

Cathy Reicheg

"Jessica was a really great tutor. She really prepared for the test, then I could of done by studying on my own."

Blake Morrisey

"Scheduling was easy. My son was happy with his first score and may not have to take it a second time. Well worth the time and money to get it right the first time."
Evan Fromberg 

"Susan Alaimo was instrumental in guiding us thru the college search and application process. She was always available to answer questions and help us make important decisions along the way. We were thrilled when our daughter was accepted to her first choice school in Dec 2015 and we couldn't have done this without Susan's assistance."

Kristine Tucker 

"Sue at SAT Smart made the whole college application experience a breeze. Walking us through the process and ensuring that everything was completed correctly and thoroughly. Our son received acceptance to each school he wished to attend. Sue also assisted in additional essays to help him obtain additional scholarships from his chosen school. I would highly recommend SAT Smart!"

Lou Truppa

"This was a great experience for my son, he did private tutoring with a friend and split the costs which is a great option that is available. My son did very well on his first SAT test and I would absolutely recommend SAT SMART for anyone that is going to take the SAT's, it was well worth it!"

Kevin Schulz

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