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12-Hour Tutoring Package: $1,195

  • 12-Hours of one-on-one online private tutoring 
  • Official College Board SAT or ACT Inc. book (includes shipping) 
  • Video Lessons that can be viewed anytime 

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Virtual Whiteboard for instructor and student to collaborate and work through SAT problems

Video Lessons 

View our Collection of video lessons online anytime

(included with all tutoring packages)   

  • Strategy Lessons for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT Exam
  • ​SAT/ACT Math Lessons 
  • SAT/ACT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Lessons
  • Crafting a High-Scoring Essay Lessons
  • Parents Guide to the College Application Process 

How to Get Started 

Real Time Video and chat as well as the ability to upload documents and images, screen share, and take a clip of any problem to pull up to the virtual whiteboard and work through together. This can all be completed in seconds and our instructors can show students how to do so.

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Online Private Tutoring with SAT Smart 

Package Cost 

Our Proven System:

1. 1:1 Private Online Tutoring with SAT Smart 
IVY League Instructors and specialized software with a virtual whiteboard 

Tutoring packages include 1:1 online private tutoring that is customized for each student. The best way to prepare for standardized tests is to work through official practice material and understand how to quickly and accurately answer questions. We work in 2-hour increments to guide students through the most material and help them adjust to the length of the exams which approach four hours in duration. 

2. Utilize Official Test Materials that mirror what is on the actual exams 

We send you a copy of the The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board or The Official ACT Prep Guide by ACT Inc. 

3. Proprietary Strategies 

All students are given our signature PSAT, SAT, and ACT strategy guides and are provided access to video lessons covering all areas tested on these exams.  

4. Parent and Student Resources 

Parents and students are given access to 10 video lessons on the entire college application process. Learn what colleges are looking for on applications, how to personalize essays to gain the attention of college admission officers, and how to maximize scholarship money.

Improve by reviewing your private lesson recordings at your own pace.

After a tutoring session, students and parents can review the entire tutoring session and even pause, fast forward or screen shot specific areas. This is essential for understanding complicated multi-step problems.