SAT Smart Strategies 

Susan Alaimo has developed specific strategies over the past 25 years that have greatly helped students preparing for the PSAT, SAT, and ACT exams. You can view a sample to the right of the strategies taught throughout SAT Smart courses and private tutoring.

What is Covered

  • Strategies for every section of the PSAT/SAT or ACT exam

  • 1 complete, official SAT or ACT exam and supplemental material  

  • Instructor reviews every test question and models each math question on the whiteboard  

  • Students are guided through techniques for writing a high-scoring exam essay 

SAT Smart 

SAT Strategies ​​

         Price & Dates 

  • SAT Smart 12-hour courses include (4) three hour classes. For the course schedule click here.


  • $449 is the cost of a        12-hour prep course including all materials 

  • $799 is the cost for          any two 12-hour prep courses which cover different material 

SAT Smart 

ACT Strategies ​​


  • SAT Smart utilizes official College Board and ACT Inc. material that mirrors exactly what is on the exams.

  • Students are given the official text as well as SAT Smart signature Strategy Guide 

  • The directions, math formulas, and practice questions reflect what the student will face on the actual exam. 


SAT Courses: 

  • The utilization of official test materials, preparing students for their exam by using materials that mirror exactly what they will face on the actual test.

  • Students preparing for the PSAT/SAT are given a copy of The Official SAT Study Guide by College Board, while those preparing for the ACT are given a copy of The Real ACT Prep Guide by ACT, Inc. Students are also given our official Strategy Guide which is key for navigating each specific area of the test. 

  • Lessons are given reviewing all areas tested on the exam.  PSAT/SAT courses review: Reading, Writing and Language Skills, Math and Essay Writing.  ACT courses review: English, Math, Reading, Science and Essay Writing.

  • Students work on official College Board or ACT exams. Each test question is reviewed and students get a score for each test section. Proven strategies are emphasized for each section of the exam.

  • Emphasis on understanding the test is provided.   SAT Smart students learn, word for word, the directions and example questions for each test section. This familiarity provides students with several extra minutes on each section that would otherwise be spent on figuring out the rules!

  • Students are instilled with a confidence that they can, and will, be successful.  SAT Smart students have sometimes earned a perfect score on their exam, but have always worked hard to achieve their potential and been proud of their accomplishments.

  • The format for a high-scoring essay is detailed, and the grammatical rules that form the basis for the multiple choice writing questions are reviewed.

  • Instructors with years of teaching experience, and degrees from America's most elite colleges and universities, teach SAT Smart courses.​​

ACT Courses: 

  • Test-taking strategies are taught that apply specifically to all areas of the ACT exam.

  • Students gain valuable insight into the format and content for all sections of the ACT: English, Math, Reading and Science.

  • The ideal format for writing a high-scoring essay is detailed, as we strongly recommend that students complete this optional section.  

  • Students learn the intricacies of the ACT as well as how to interpret their scores.   ​​

Satisfaction Guarantee ​
Any student who enrolls in an SAT Smart 24 hour prep program (total cost of $799) is guaranteed to be satisfied with his/her SAT scores (no questions asked) or is welcome to attend any additional SAT Smart prep course at no cost. 

We offer students the opportunity to change their course session with a minimum of one week notice prior to the start of the first class. 

SAT Smart Strategy Guides

SAT Smart 

12-Hour Prep Courses

$449 includes text and material 

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