Essay Editing Package $1,495 (12 hours)


  • ​SAT Smart utilizes official College Board and ACT Inc. material that mirrors exactly what is on the exams.

  • Students are given the official text as well as the SAT Smart signature Strategy Guide  

  • The directions, math formulas, and practice questions reflect what the student will face on the actual exam. 

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Essay Editing 

  • Guiding students with brainstorming, writing & editing impressive essays 

  • Essays for the Common Application, supplemental college application essays, scholarships and high school/college essays and term papers

What is Covered

  • Strategies for every section of the PSAT/SAT or ACT exam

  • 1 complete, official SAT or ACT exam and supplemental material  

  • Instructor reviews every test question and models each math question on the whiteboard 

  •  Students are guided through techniques for writing a high-scoring exam essay 


  • $1,495  for 12 hours 

  • Six 2-hour Sessions held in Princeton, NJ or over Skype 

  • Appointments can be held after school or on weekends 


  • ​SAT Smart utilizes official College Board and ACT Inc. material that mirrors exactly what is on the exams. Students receive SAT Smart's signature Strategy Guide.

  • The directions, math formulas, and practice questions reflect what students will face on the actual exam. 

​​​Expert Instruction 

With 25 years of experience, SAT Smart is the leader in PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP courses, Subject Tests and all high school subject tutoring.

We offer 12-hour small group courses ($449), private tutoring by Ivy League instructors,  and college counseling services.  Meet our instructors here

  • Proprietary Strategies Taught 
  • Individualized lessons towards students specific areas of weakness   
  • Official College Board and ACT Inc. materials utilized that mirror what is on the actual exams    SAT test preparation program is offered at 5 locations. The SAT program costs $399 
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​SAT Smart is not affiliated with any college or university. Our instructors are students at, or graduates of, various Ivy League colleges and universities. 

​SAT Test Preparation program offered at the Hillsborough Municipal Building, Immaculata High School, Montgomery High School, Rider University, and Bridgewater Raritan High School. The cost of the SAT program is $449. Private Tutoring Princeton

Price & Dates 


  • Private Tutoring is offered in packages of 12, 18, or 24 hours starting at $1,195. Register here

  • Tutor with a friend and each save 25%. ​​


  • Tutoring appointments are scheduled to accommodate students' needs with appointments available after school, on weeknights, and on weekends. 

Susan Alaimo - Director 
Columbia University

Susan Alaimo is the founder and director of SAT Smart. She has created strategies over the past 25 years that have greatly helped thousands of students successfully prepare for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, AP Exams and all high school subjects. Prior to founding SAT Smart, Susan was a college professor. Susan writes a weekly column, College Connection, for the Hillsborough Beacon, Montgomery News and Gannett newpapers. You can view her articles

Susan has assembled a team of Ivy League educated instructors with years of teaching experience who have not only scored in the top percentiles nationwide on the SAT and ACT exams, but are also able to demonstrate the material to students in a clear and straightforward manner. 


  • Ivy League educated editors, many of whom have been published in the New York Times, Washington Post and other prestigious publications

  • ​Dedicated to helping students hone their writing skills 

College Counseling

by Susan Alaimo 

Personalizing Essays 

  • Help student identify the best essay question for college applications  

  • Work with student during private sessions to brainstorm, write, and revise an impressive essay and responses to short-answer questions 

  • Personalize the essay to appeal to college admissions officers at each individual college 

Filling out Applications​

  • Complete common application utilizing proprietary strategies 

  • Complete college-specific applications 

  • Guide students through all phases of the college application process including preparation of a resume and securing impressive letters of recommendation

Students are encouraged to attend a SAT Smart SAT Test preparation course. The SAT program costs $399 

     "The Ivy League Tutoring Experts Since 1995"     

"Ivy League Tutoring Experts Since 1995"

Identifying the Ideal Colleges 

  • Meet with parents and student to identify the student's distinctive strengths, passions, and college objectives

  • Research and identify best fit colleges and present list of 8-12 ideal colleges/universities

  • Recommend strategies to uniquely position student for a successful outcome 

Total Cost for the College Counseling Program is $4,995

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Price & Dates 

  • SAT Smart 12-hour courses include (4) three hour classes. Make-up classes are available.   For the course schedule click here. 


  • $449 is the cost of a      12-hour prep course including all materials

  • $799 is the cost for       any two 12-hour prep courses which cover different material

What is Covered

  • Proprietary strategies taught for the PSAT, SAT, ACT, Subject Tests, AP Exams and all High school Subjects 

  • Practice sections of official material with explantations given for every question

  • Techniques for writing a high-scoring essay